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We are following all CDC guidelines for your protection and that of our staff.  Our therapists wear masks, face protection, and gloves.  We sterilize all touch surfaces and change linens after every customer (washing them per CDC guidelines). All Customers and Visitors who are not vaccinated are required to wear a mask prior to entry.

Gua Sha Cupping marks on Michael Phelps, US Olympic Swimmer

Gua Sha and Chinese Cupping

“Gua Sha" and "Chinese Cupping” are being used by Olympic athletes like Michael Phelps (the most successful and most decorated Olympian of all time, with a total of 28 medals) to alleviate pain, increase blood flow and speed recovery from injury and over-exertion. 

Image Left: Gua Sha Cupping marks on Michael Phelps, US Olympic Swimmer.

Chinese Gua Sha Cupping is now Red Cupping Clinic, LLC. We combine cupping, acupressure, gua sha, moxibustion, Qi gong and massage all in one. This therapy provides deep penetrating vibration cupping, stimulating your entire body through the subcutaneous tissue to unblock the meridians and regulate health. 

Negative ions revitalize the cells. Magnetic resonance dispersion expels waste from blood vessel walls. Infrared ray functions for anti-inflammation, sterilization, and purification of the blood. We achieve what ordinary fire cupping cannot. Eastern medicine is the third way for individuals to get well. No medications, no injections, no trauma, and no pain. Our techniques and equipment use the leading brand (Biboting) currently used in 9 countries and regions with more than 62 world patents. 

Gua Sha and Cupping offers relief from arthritis of shoulders, back pain, leg pain, insomnia, and prostate problems. It is safe physical therapy for the regulation and healing of the body. 

We do not prescribe diagnose or treat any disease or medical condition.

Add cupping to your regular practice or talk to us and we will teach you about how to perform many of the treatments yourself. Currently, we are teaching and educating individuals, Chiropractors, massage therapist, acupuncturists and other bodywork professionals on how they could add this treatment to their practice. We also work with individuals dealing with chronic pain, sports injury or discomfort in the body. 

Red Cupping Clinic, LLC gua sha and cupping therapy will also help your body transform, reverse the effects of aging by toning and firming your body; activate, cleanse and detox your lymphatic system. The results are breathtaking with no drugs, no needles, and very little recovery time. 

We do not diagnose prescribe or treat any medical condition, however the stories and the testimonials are convincing.

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